4 Email Marketing Trends You Should Know

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If your business is involved in the digital world to any degree, you likely have a subscription list to use for email campaigns. This is your pool of customers and potential customers, and they want to see content from you.

Because of this, email promises one of the best ROIs when compared to any other marketing strategy.

The below four email marketing trends will help you stay at the top of your game — and keep your business growing.

1. Best of the Best Marketing Trends: Interactive Emails

We have recently seen the introduction and growth of interactive emails. These lead to significantly more engagement and promise to be one of those marketing trends that continues to flourish.

Interactive emails basically consist of a way to play around or trigger something within the email itself. Maybe you click on a “yes or no” answer to a poll and results show up within the email. Or maybe you drag a dollar bill to a piggy bank and confetti rains down.

Whatever the interaction looks like, it does its job. You spend more time on that email and have the company in front of your eyes. The company has successfully gained your attention, and your feelings toward them will likely turn toward the positive.

2. Dynamic, Personalized Emails

Another interesting trend in the email marketing world is the upcoming ability to customize the email marketing experience.

Recipients will be able to change how the email looks in real-time — for example, choosing a different color scheme or changing the color of a garment worn on a model.

When a potential customer receives an email that they can customize to their liking, they are much more likely to continue to opt into your messages. They are more likely to click them, open them, and keep them coming because they’re receiving content that they enjoy and want to keep seeing.

3. Video, Video, Video

The popularity of video in any and all forms of marketing cannot be overstated. Video is where it’s at these days, both in ads and in social media.

This same trend extends to email marketing. Emails with videos or moving elements tend to be much more eye-catching than static emails.

Video is one of the marketing trends that extends across all forms of media — whether social platforms, e-commerce, or email campaigns — and it’s not going away anytime soon. You would be wise to invest in the world of high-quality video sooner rather than later.

4. Big Data on the Rise

Big data is more utilized than ever. Including it to make informed decisions about how you create email campaigns is a wise move.

Our current technology allows us to scrape quite a bit of information about our customer base and pool of potential customers. Integrating this data into your email campaigns will make them all the more successful.

This is another of the ongoing marketing trends that are sure to continue rising in the coming years.

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