What is eCommerce

eCommerce (also called Electronic Commerce, or e-commerce) is a term used to describe any business or transaction that includes sales of services, products or information over Internet or a computer network. Seller and the buyer (Customer) never come face-to-face at any point during the process of transaction as the business is conducted remotely, irrespective of the locations of the seller and the buyer.

Overview of E-Commerce

From the late 20th Century to the early 21st Century, E-Commerce has seen an exponential growth covering range of businesses. Over the last decade, eCommerce has covered retail sites to auction sites, from music sites to online movie streaming sites, from products to services. A Catalyst of Change, eCommerce has formed the landscape in how products or services are traded in the market.

eCommerce today is a very crowded place where everyone is vying for the top slot on search engines either through paid advertisement or organic rankings. eCommerce can help an organization gain consumers in areas where the organization cannot be physically present and thus is a viable source of exposing your organization to new consumers. Many organizations online have developed best practices to keep their consumers inclined towards their portal and to gain new consumers.

Several different E-commerce platforms have evolved for effective sales and marketing. Some of most common platforms are WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, but there are many others. Each with its distinct feature set.


Best practices:

  • Know your Audience:

A reaction of a Japanese consumer shall be very different from a European consumer while browsing through your portal. So build your website while keeping in mind your audience.

  • Change Continuously

Nothing changes faster than eCommerce. Make sure you update the site to festivities, seasonal audience behavior, and major national celebrations while you plan for every week/month.

  • Keep Evolving

If you have a look at how Amazon or eBay evolved over the last decade you must have gauged the massive evolution of an online business. Right from Changes in their Call to Action to having apps on top of their site, they have always reacted to the changing times and customer behavior.

  • Experiment

Consistent A/B test shall help analyze the user behavior on your site. Many sites have different portals for a different region, reason being the stark difference in behavior of consumers. Students react differently than adults and the same applies to elder people. The result of an eCommerce based business is derived from the number of orders, subscribes, accounts created etc. Understanding and analyzing the conversion funnel is vital for an eCommerce portal’s survival.

  • Design & Re-Design

The Look and feel of a website is one of it’s vital aspects for motivating users to buy products. eCommerce businesses invest time and money to improve their user experience and increase sales.

Our approach to e-commerce

We start by trying to determine the platform best suited to your needs.

Moving on to your eCommerce operations: Inventory to data, We perform a gap analysis to make sure you’re on track.

The most important thing (and overly looked) is your conversion funnel (or rather multi-funnels).

You should be seeing great improvement by this point, but we’ve got some more aces up our sleeve, contact us to know more