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Eyal Dror Consulting began as a consulting firm assisting both enterprise-level corporations and small entrepreneurs. We supported firms that were at a standstill in terms of regular income and needed assistance to grow further.

Alongside consulting, the company has developed in other areas. The firm is also marketing for certain clients, forming joint ventures with others, and overall, doing less consultancy and engaging more directly in the ventures it undertakes.

We will continue to concentrate on online businesses and innovation since this is our primary expertise. Generally, the firms we acquire need transformation. This encompasses technological, promotional, and the alteration or overhaul of the organization’s strategy and personnel, among other things. In summary, we take on enormous problems, executing initiatives that others do not feel are possible.

With regards to beliefs, we think about both the firm’s workforce and consumers, and we strive to empower both. After serving as a senior executive at an Israeli billionaire’s group of firms, Eyal Dror decided to start his own digital consulting company as he saw a potential gap in the market.

As he proceeded further with his work, he came across numerous aspiring entrepreneurs with limited knowledge about the best way to navigate the modern Internet landscape. The thinking behind the consulting firm was to allow companies and entrepreneurs of all sizes and types to become competitive in the digital space and flourish.

This philosophy is in line with the key values of empowerment at Eyal Dror, and we will continue to serve our clients with this mindset. The company’s mission is to act as a center for the development of digital communities.

We foresee a new venture approaching us to execute the launch, with all of their firms exchanging expertise, tools, and data in the hub. We will continue to provide all companies with all the digital tools that are necessary for success.



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WHEN YOU SUCCEED, WE SUCCEED. We help businesses grow through effective digital marketing.


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We grow your business by developing digital assets that bring an enjoyable experience to your customers’ hands.


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We are results driven, and by that we ean your results.

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