Digital marketing

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a the usage of digital technologies to market your service or product.

digital marketing

Online marketing and digital marketing is traditionally divided into several channels:

  • Display: banners were the first format online
  • Sponsored search results: Sponsored results that appear above, below and sometimes at the right side of the organic listings
  • Email marketing: Though this is considered outdated, email marketing is still producing good results
  • Social media: A more recent addition, social media can be divided to organic (pages, groups etc.) and paid (sponsored posts)
  • Content marketing: creating and distributing content (articles, usually) with the intent to attract and monetize traffic

Why use digital marketing?

According to eMarketer, digital marketing will surpass traditional ads by next year, with mobile taking the lion share. The reasons are diverse, but the principles are:

  1. Ease of use: no need for huge budgets like TV, every mom and pop shop can advertise using its set budget
  2. Measuring results: results are easily and accurately measured (or, more so than the traditional channels)

Our approach:

We start with your digital marketing strategy. Once that is set, we move to the budget and allocation across the channels as your strategy would dictate.

Next we make sure that all tracking is in place. We then start breaking down the strategy to the channels, and set the goals for each.

Last, we get to the creative part: banners, images, text etc.

After we have updated the digital marketing strategy and launched, we monitor results closely to determine the success of each campaign and channel and make appropriate adjustments to the campaigns to make sure that you are receiving the most beneficial results and a positive ROI.

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