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My Story

The idea to start my own Digital Consulting firm and everything I currently offer at Eyal Dror came about after I served as a high level executive at an Israeli billionaire’s group of companies. During this time, I had friends who had started small businesses come to me for advice on how to navigate the online world. The gap in know-how and tools was overwhelming.  It was clear that their current service providers were not giving them a good return on their investments. One prospect told me how a prior marketing agency made them spend $30,000, took a commission, and disappeared even though the prospect did not get a single sale from the process! I realized then that there was a gap in the market, so I quit my job, and set this company in motion.  My goal was to provide the same quality service for all companies, regardless of their size in this competitive, digital arena.


We Deliver Results

We provide all businesses with the same set of tools needed to succeed. And, based on the feedback we’ve gotten, so far it’s working! What I love most about my job is our client’s sigh of relief when we deliver results.


Our Vision

The vision for my company is to serve as a hub for digital community building. I envision a new venture turning to us to execute the launch with all of their companies in the hub enjoying knowledge sharing, tools and data.


Free Time

When I am not innovating in the digital space, I find joy playing with my children, reading (particularly the poems of Robert Frost), listening to music and riding my motorcycle!

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