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Search Engine Marketing Services that are Geared Towards Sustainably Propelling Your Online Presence

When you talk about effective, proven, and results-focused online presence, there’s no question paid marketing services such as SEM is the best way to go about it. SEM helps garner quality and authentic leads, converting potential customers into sales. By generating powerful brand visibility on Google, Bing, and/or Yahoo, streamlined SEM solutions will help you reach your target audience by leveraging effective keyword usage and harnessing key customer behavior and search patterns in regard to your products and services.

At Eyal Dror, we develop tailor-made PPC services amongst other proven methodologies for both small and big businesses, helping you to sustainably propel your year-on-year sales and growth. While integrating and maintaining an organic presence through SEO is vital to your online success, you can think of SEM as a powerful augmentation to maintain your brand visibility, recognition, and market dominance. Paid ad marketing campaigns will allow you to specifically target your customer-base in a variety of ways that we will talk about.

Eyal Dror’s SEM Solutions Help Businesses Go Beyond Traditional Strategies

When you hire Google ads consultant, you’re effectively doubling your chances of propelling your online visibility on Google. People will be able to quickly search for you using the keywords “you’ve” already targeted, allowing your website to rapidly climb to the top three results on SERPs.

How We Can Help Expand Your Online Dominance

Results-Driven PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Audit Campaigns

At Eyal Dror, we provide affordable PPC audit tools for businesses to enable them to evaluate their current PPC efforts. With our future-proof auditing system, our experts can analyze your current strategies and develop a comprehensive palette of improvements that can be added to maximize your short and long term goals.

Next-Level Remarketing and Advertisement Solutions

We can help effectively yet gradually transform first-time customers into repeat clientele. We have some of the best, industry-standard remarketing tactics to help reduce your website bounce rate, attracting customers to stay on your website for longer and eventually make a purchase.

Ad Service that Help Reach your Customer-Base Quickly

When it comes to online businesses, the early bird always gets the worm. Our digital marketing agency leverages a vast network of locations to quickly target potential customers, coupled with consistent PPC tactics to help drive more website traffic – eventually leading to more sales.

Geofencing Marketing Solutions

Our Pay-per-Click services also leverage geofencing technologies to help build a customized remarketing strategy that effectively target factors such as your market rival locations, conferences, and much more.

Social Media Advertisement Campaigns

Our search engine marketing services include a blanketed approach to target your customer-base on a wide variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We don’t build on existing strategies; our experts design a customized approach for generating quick and responsive ad campaigns.

Our SEM Services in a Nutshell

When you partner with Eyal Dror, you get everything required to optimize and boost your targeted ad campaigns. Our PPC services are turnkey, and focus on designing, propelling, and enhancing your search engine marketing efforts for maximum efficiency and greater results. In light of this, here’s a list of some our SEM services:

• Customized marketing and remarketing strategies
• Tailor-made optimizations for long-tail keywords
• Multiple search engine targeting (Google, Gmail, Bing, etc)
• Data-driven competitor evaluations and analysis
• Bid management
• Monitoring and supervision of your ad campaigns
• Google Analytics integration and set up management
• Regular auditing and reporting
• One-on-one collaboration (we dedicate our team for your projects and communication)

Why Small Businesses Choose Eyal Dror for Next-Level SEM Solutions

Our SEM Strategies are Custom Built

Each online business is unique in its own right. We understand that. That’s why we design customized SEM methodologies in line with your products and services. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions because one-size doesn’t fit all. We sit down with you, analyze your competition, evaluate industry trends, and devise impeccable tactics to help you compete and rise above your rivals, dominating the industry.

We have Robust Teams of Experienced Digital Marketing and PPC Professionals

At Eyal Dror, one of the cornerstones of our success is a diverse and multifaceted team of dedicated individuals that take care of every aspect of your digital marketing. From daily optimizations to managing your target ad campaigns and whatnot, we can help save you time – time that you can use to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

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