eCommerce Consulting

eCommerce Consulting

One of the core services here at Eyal Dror Consulting is our e-Commerce consulting. We understand your goals and make them ours. We pride ourselves on a large international portfolio of clients and a very flexible compensation model designed to work for most, if not all, e-commerce businesses. 

At the consulting stage, we provide clients with valuable know-how of how to manage their budgets, what infrastructure and platforms are most suitable for their products and services, and what is the best-working design for their website. Our solutions are specifically focused on the product offering, the digital marketing measures, the analytics, and the overall performance of the e-commerce platform or application. We deliver this unique e-commerce mix to check all boxes be it technology, design pricing, digital marketing, customer relationship, or automation.

Our short consulting cycles guarantee that you will see an impact almost immediately. Our results are measurable as they are sustainable.

e-Commerce Marketing

Marketing e-commerce is hard. Balancing the proper creative measure with the right segment while maintaining a positive return of investment is our priority. The digital and technological revolution transformed our consumer habits. There are absolutely new experiences and behavior patterns when online audiences search for products and make choices. The competition in this oversaturated market is fierce and what marketing measures are required for you to be a brand of choice and have your online shops rank better are some of the key aspects in this service line.

Are your websites fully optimized so that users can interact with your products or how to make your marketing endeavors omnichannel and therefore, best-serving, are all part of the digital e-commerce game. At the very fast pace of e-commerce, your website will compete for traffic, for a higher rank on Google and Bing, and for every single customer using paid online and social media advertising.

Marketing Automation for e-Commerce

Marketing automation is a must in order to scale, but for many businesses still laden with confusion. We are here to guide you through it because it is an essential component your digital business cannot do without.

From your customer relation management, through the streamlining of your marketing efforts according to each stage of the customer journey, to the creation and management of digital omnichannel campaigns – this all is automation. What are the optimal platforms and systems out there that can suit you best? What is the best way to hold your customers, and keep them satisfied? How unhappy customers can damage your reputation in the search economy and put you on your knees? Your excellent customer service is one of the most valuable assets of your business. Regardless if you operate at a B2B or a B2C level, your automation solutions will enhance the precision of your targeting, the tracking of your campaigns and interactions, and bring more qualified leads to the funnel. Do not forget that one big part of the digital consumer experience is the journey, and creating harmonized journeys will hone your lead generation and nurturing campaigns to make them more effective.

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Our conversion strategists conduct audits of your business’ status quo and craft the right strategy for you, which is grounded in detailed SMART objectives. We run A/B tests for you to see what’s working and what’s not, profoundly analyze the performance of your pages with heatmaps, session recordings, and polling. We test on-site what the best solution for you and your business is. We will make sure that for you conversion rate optimization is a systematic process, in which data is instrumental and informative. Conversion rate optimization is an essential part of delivering better customer experiences in the digital realm and with this aspect of our services, we will conduct the necessary experiments so that you have working solutions.

e-Commerce Website Development and Technical Support

Is your e-commerce website in its best shape? We build the Internet and our tech-savvy team will make sure that everything with your e-commerce platform ticks. User experience is more than just how the pages are designed. In fact, it has a lot more to do with page speed and other technicalities than the actual look. We fix congestions on any digital asset while still keeping your website active and producing revenue. As a certified partner of Wix and Shopify, we carefully understand the nature of your online products and services and deliver fully integrated and compatible online shops, catalogs, landing,  and service pages that make the journey of your customers very personalized, smooth, and memorable. Upon request, we can design your beautiful, user-friendly website for desktop and mobile with other top-tier content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, or WooCommerce among many others.

Make your e-commerce website stand out from the competition. 

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Marketing eCommerce is hard. Balancing the proper creative with the right segment while maintaining a positive ROI is what we do.


Automation is a must in order to scale, but for most it's also a source for confusion. We're here to guide you through it

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Getting your presence right can mean a huge difference to your bottom line, but how do you get it right? and on which platforms?


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