Digital Consulting project

digital consulting project
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What is a digital consulting project?

One of the questions we hear very often is “how does a digital consulting project look like?” The short answer is: it depends.

The longer answer is that the parameters that define the projects are dependent on the client, size and complexity of the issues, organizational culture, time constraints and even the budget. That being said, there are commonalities.

The common ground for digital consulting projects:


The first order of business is the scope. Even more than focusing on “what will we do”, we focus on “what is not included”. As time is always a constraint (and here at Eyal Dror Consulting we believe in short and impactful cycles), we set expectations from the get-go: What absolutely must be included, and what was/is dealt with elsewhere.

Main issues:

There are usually two layers to this item. On its face, issues are mostly clear. Some companies can’t get a profitable site, others have data issues etc. Almost always these issues are the symptoms of bigger problems that are at the core of the business. Mapping both layers is what we do best.

Talking to the staff, stakeholders etc:

The way to get down to the root issues is by understanding context. And the easiest way to do that is by talking to the people who deal with the problems on a daily basis: Your staff, management and maybe even clients (all talks are covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement)

digital consulting project

Data sources:

In parallel to the human angle, we dive into the data and see what we can come up with. Usually, the data completes the context given by the interviews

Tools and processes:

In some cases, there is a knowledge gap between the capabilities of some tools (cloud marketing solutions, ad servers, app marketing, sales deal-flow management tools etc.) and the actual usage of it.

Easy picks and low hanging fruits:

When we identify such options, we deliver our insights to the client immediately, so that they can enjoy an immediate impact on the business and goals.

Strategic solution(s):

The final output is a report, laying out all of the above, plus any other steps of efforts taken, and the long-term, strategic solutions.


More often than not, we are asked to accompany the implementation phase, to make sure it is done correctly.


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