Facebook is the new mega portal

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F8 announcements all seem exciting and very user friendly, but when it comes down to the hard truth, Facebook is losing its core values.

If you recall the days of the Mega portals there was a fierce competition
between Yahoo, AOL and the likes.

The fall of those giants came due to what was then known as “web 2.0“, that those portals did not understand.

Users are sharing less

The simple truth is that Facebook’s vision is that of an all-encompassing website, one with all the features a user needs on their journey online: Whatsapp, Instagram, and now Oculous rift.

Facebook is now more about business pages than people, and their algorithm reflects that.

Think about your own Facebook experience: how often do you share personal photos, those of your children? not as often as 5 years ago, right? “We’ve got Whatsapp / Instagram for that now” is a quote I hear often (and I agree).

Facebook’s vision is what tore it of its original use: no one wants to use the web 2.0 component of it anymore.


What does that mean?

Short term: Nothing (you’re probably reading this on an instant article on my page in Facebook). It’s simply is too big to fall at once.

You’re still going to profit by having a Facebook presence, both organic and paid.

Long term: Snapchat is the new kid on the block, and looks like the younger audiences have already shifted there. Keep an eye for trends as they happen, make sure you are where your audience is, and that you’re not missing out.

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