Social Casino

Social casino is one of the most rapidly growing and lucrative social games, and can is characterized mainly by the fact that no real money is used and players cannot withdraw their balance. It’s basically a combination between real-money and social gaming.

Why Social Casino?

Despite the fact that no real money is involved, social casinos have become one of the most lucrative category in the mobile game industry and grown into a multi billion dollar market. According to Eilers Research, it is expected that by 2017 this niche will be worth $4.4 billion, up a billion USD since 2015.

Social casino apps are still among the highest grossing in both iOS App Store and Google Play. According to a research by Distimo for the period of March 17 to March 23 2014, of the top 100 highest grossing publishers in the iOS App Store, 20 published at least one social casino game and 19 respectively in Google Play.

Barriers to entry are low: In order to create a slot app, you don’t need big budgets (unlike strategy, mmorpg and such lucrative games)

Getting into the Game

Even though the social casino industry is growing at a rapid pace and attracting billions in revenue, it is not easy to become a profitable business and rise above the competition. You might be able to create a new slots app or a poker app for a relatively low budget, but competition is fierce and making a profit is not an easy task.

The low barriers to entry have naturally attracted interest of many. Both the traditional casino industry (land-based and online) entered the arena as well as gaming companies who saw the potential in creating slot or poker apps.  


Where should you start?

Social casinos these days should have a nice or a unique selling proposition. Otherwise you’ll get lost in the herd.

Try to design a flow that will catch the user from the get go, but at the same time be challenging as they progress.

Test and re-test in order to perfect the game experience.

How do you market you social casino app?

Focus on your branded content and make sure that it is attractive, engaging and sticky.

Only if your users have a unified experience will they continue to come back for more.

Plan your digital strategy, if you have an initial marketing budget, start testing it, otherwise go for growth hacking and viral options.

Finally, your game experience and game economics should be impeccable. Users are searching for new thrills, so be sure to incorporate that into your games’ mathematics

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