The Ultimate Guide To Messenger Marketing and Facebook Chatbots

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The way individuals interconnect is changing incredibly. Like every other person, you presumably incline towards correspondence that is expedient, prompt, and readily available. Moreover, because the majority of us utilize our cell phones as our essential PC (also our essential source of contact with others), we incline toward correspondence that is cell phone amicable. All these trends converge to one direction: using messenger bots as a marketing tool.

For the world of marketing and advertisement, it is a great time to be alive.

Messenger bots are the ideal arrangement. They are quick and instinctive. The reactions you get are short and simple to peruse. Also, individuals like using them.

Messenger Marketing is just the demonstration of stimulating your clients using a notifying application. You can fabricate a rundown by drawing in new leads, support those leads by sending them content and noting their inquiries, and at last change over those leads into new paying clients.

Realistically, it is like how e-mail marketing works. Be that as it may, practically speaking, messenger marketing works much uniquely in contrast to email; it is significantly more informal.

Messenger Marketing is developing expeditiously for the following reasons

High Assignation Rates

In 2016, the world average open rate of emails was 21.8%, according to the e-mail Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study. This implies that a substantial 78% of users are not concerned about seeing emails directed by brands. There may be different reasons involved, but an extraordinary number of unasked for e-mails that users receive seems like one of the main reasons. It would appear that brands are dwindling to draw in the consideration of a large portion of their clients through this medium.

Contrast that with a messenger app—where advertisers are at present observing open rates of at least 80% and navigate rates more prominent than 30%—, and you’ll begin to get a thought of the capability of this new promoting medium. Individuals are a whole lot more prone to open and tap on a messaging app than they are with an e-mail. Furthermore, that is uplifting news for any organization planning to draw in their leads and prospects on the web.

Messenger bots Are More Individual

Another incredible thing about messenger apps, contrasted with conventional promoting, is that they are considerably more individual and intuitive. Pretty much every other customary promoting channel—television, post office based mail, email, print, radio, and so on is a restricted correspondence. The organization is imparting to you, and there is not much you can do to customize it.

With chatbot marketing, the messages you get can be effortlessly modified in light of the connections you click as you advance through the message stream. Also, anytime you can simply type a message to the organization and get an individual reaction from a live client benefit rep. This makes correspondence on informing applications more individual. It’s a two-way road, much the same as correspondence ought to be. What is more, above all, this is the sort of correspondence individuals are expecting from the organizations they work with.

messenger bot

Chatbots Automate Your Messenger Marketing

Centered on the activities users perform (clicking on call-to-action buttons, typing in certain keywords, and so on), chatbots direct content to them consequently.

Not at all like e-mail autoresponders, chatbots takes into account rationale distending and more noteworthy personalization. Rather than essentially impacting out a similar e-mail to everybody, chatbots take into account menu choices. This gives the client the alternative of picking which data they get—so they get messages they’re keen on. (Which is presumably another motivation behind why messenger marketing has such high engagement rates.)

Messenger bots can serve the same purpose as e-mails

As we stated, a considerable lot of the highlights of e-mail marketing can be succeeded by messenger bots. Following are some correspondence cases of this:

  • Thank-you memos
  • Confirmation of orders
  • Shipping notices
  • Upselling messages
  • Bulletin and general correspondences
  • Cart recovery
  • Enlightening articles
  • Customer support
  • Sign-up for services

… Nevertheless, Messenger bots are more viable

Since e-mails and Messenger have a similar motivation, for what reason should messenger be considered as the essential medium for this kind of correspondence? The reasons are evident — because Messenger can accomplish objectives in a basic and compelling way.

We have outlined the primary reasons that drove us to this conclusion:

  • Individuals tend to click more on the content got through messenger than on those got by e-mail. From our tests, we acquired a normal of 98% open rate and 44% active visitor clicking percentage using Facebook Messenger. The results are astonishing.
  • E-mails are singular, so it is likely a client may not see all correspondence messages that have been sent. While through messenger you have discussion history. Also, through this broadly utilized medium, the client may feel prioritized and get the impression of having an individual associated with the brand to a greater extent in contrast with standard mass messages.
  • With messenger, the client, for the most part, gets push notices. While with e-mail, messages frequently wind up in folders other than primary, for example, spam (e.g., Gmail) and clients do not get notifications.
  • Through a messenger bot, clients can get an instantaneous reply to their queries. By email, this is not conceivable.


The change will not occur inside a couple of days, yet we trust that not long from now Messenger chatbots will move toward becoming as vital as e-mail marketing; and possibly one day, they will totally supersede it.

If experimentation and innovation redesigning proceeds, Facebook messenger chat bots will be the eventual fate of brand/client correspondence. The fluid correspondence is as of now noticeable on Facebook messenger, where more than two billion messages amongst clients and organizations are traded each month.

We trust that the run of the mill, vertical brand-to-client correspondence will bit by bit be succeeded by a consistent trade of applicable information between the two subjects. The factor that will decide Messenger’s prosperity on e-mails will be precisely the significance of messages received by clients.

Brands ought to, however, abstain from sending messages too every now and again, to keep away from seeing a rehash in the absence of CTR of email showcasing.

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