Social Media Platforms for your business

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Many small businesses wonder if social media is relevant to their business. Some are deterred by big budgets, some by lack of know-how.

The role of social media in today’s marketing

With the advent in recent years of social media such as Facebook, Twitter,
Pinterest, etc., companies have been forced to take another look at the way in which they engage with their customers and inevitably conduct business. Today, it is no longer enough to simply have a company website – you need to have several company social media accounts, too. The good news, however, is that you can use this to your advantage by driving more traffic to your website and ultimately gain more potential clients in the process.


The most important step will be to create your first social network account. Take your time while doing so as your company’s social media account is its digital reception area and should be pristine at all times. Ensure that you select a uniform username and profile picture for all your social media accounts so that your customers recognize your brand.

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It’s all about content!

If you are wondering what to post on these social platforms, well, the possibilities are endless! They could be anything from photos of your new products, updates on what is happening in your company or pictures of new staff members. Try and make your content as exciting and enticing as possible – but always be mindful of the fact that it should focus on your brand and the end goal should be to encourage potential and existing clients to become ex-cited about your product! Always be sure to include links to your website, though.

If you know that you deliver quality service or have an excellent product, why not ask your social network audience for reviews or user feedback? This could be a brilliant opportunity to further promote your company as this is when users are most likely to re-tweet and share posts. Who knows, it might just go viral!

Our take on social media for businesses

Aside from having a presence, you need to have a sizable number of followers, and an ever updated stream of content.

All that needs resources, and the more social media channels the bigger the need for it.

Start by choosing which ones are right for your business:

Not all channels are relevant for each business.

LinkedIn is probably the best B2B channel, while Facebook has the largest reach. Instagram and Pinterest are great if you’ve got the proper content, and Snapchat is considered the rising power.

Choose your social media KPIs

What should your company get out of social media? clients? brand recognition?

Your goals affect your KPIs and thus the channels you should opt for.

Choose the right frequency of content updates:

Some channels require a weekly bit, while others (like twitter) require daily (or even more frequent) updates.

The proper frequency should be determined in such a way that maximizes your KPIs.

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3 thoughts on “Social Media Platforms for your business”

  1. nowadays, it almost impossible to advertise a business in stead of social media. and among of them Facebook is the easiest way for advertising the business. thanks for sharing.

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