The 6 steps to building an online advertising strategy

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Online advertising has become one of the best possible ways to promote goods and services of a company. The amount of traffic towards the  website of a company greatly depends upon the strategy used for  marketing. Your strategy for online advertising can determine whether or
not the business will succeed.

Online advertising strategy

Here are some simple steps to determining your online advertising strategy:

  1. Develop a unique brand

In order to attract online potential customers through digital marketing, you firstly need to develop a unique brand name and a logo. These should be recognizable in an instant.

  1. Competitive analysis

The next important step is to check out the online marketing strategies that have been used by your competitors in order to promote their products. By analyzing the strategies of your competitors, it will be easier to determine whether your online promoting method will be successful in all aspect. Several tools exist to help you with that: is a freemium tool that lets you check for free the traffic and sources of a site or an app. AdClarity and similar tools show you where the competition publishes and what creatives they use.

  1. Determine the ideal
    audience for your products

A major part of the strategy is determining your core audience. That choice can affect your choice of channels and budgets. Targeting teens from Australia or senior citizens from Poland requires completely different tools and budgets.

  1. Use social networks to
    your advantage

Social networks come in various forms. Using all of them from the get go
might but too much for a starting business, so choose the most relevant ones (see item 3) and focus. Use a mix of paid ads and organic posts for optimal results (the precise mix should vary based on your strategy and budgets)

  1. Plan your Online advertising strategy

Once you determine the budget and mix, it is time to time to take a look at the calendar and watch for holidays, events etc. Costs are usually higher towards holiday so plan accordingly.

  1. Track, measure and

Tracking is essential for ROI measuring. Make sure that you track and track well. Results from the first campaigns should reflect on the actions taken for the next series: shut down poor performing creatives, locations and offers, invest more on your better ones. Optimize your site and offering according to the feedback you get.


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